I Have A Confession…. This is My Obsession

Before I get to this fantastic linky party… I have to tell you what happened at the end of the day… During our father’s day activity, the kiddos were thinking of adjectives to describe their dads and one darling said her dad was famous. Naturally, I asked, “Oh yeah? famous for what?” and she responded, […]

Can’t Live Without – Linky Party & a sale!

I’m joining up with Kelley at Teacher Idea Factory to let you know my top 5 resources I can’t live without! #1: Teachers Pay Teachers: I know it seems obvious but it is so true…  I find everything here…whether it is a great freebie or an adorable, creative unit I spent money on.. I use […]

The end is near!

Tomorrow marks the TEN day countdown… TEN more days… I can’t quite believe it! My kids are going wild, I am still finishing testing, and tomorrow is our Art & Academic Night (lots of pictures to come)! Sometimes the only way to make it through is to laugh, so here are just a few funny […]

Narratives & a FREEBIE!

Soo… as the year comes to an end I am in the process of identifying what struggles I had as a teacher and how I can fix them for next year! One was very easy to identify… writing narratives. My students became PROS at writing constructed responses, opinion pieces, and non-fiction books… but when it […]

Froot Loop Graphing & An Award!

Yesterday was a HOT, windy, and wild field day with the kids! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures because it was just a lil crazy all morning running around, but when we got back we had some fun with our 5th grade buddies.   This activity is from my Swimming into Summer packet that I […]

Our Penny Pockets – Classroom Management

Even though TECHNICALLY money is not a 1st grade common core standard, my kiddos still need to know about it right?!? Right. So, I have this behavior management tool called, “Our Penny Pockets” which allows me to teach and review coins and currency all year long! Essentially, students earn pennies for their good behavior throughout […]