NEW and improved!

Two things are new & certainly improved! {1} My blog design! I am kind of obsessed. If you know me a little bit, you know this is personalized to portray me perfectly. My wonderful fiance finally convinced me to let him design a blog for me and he did a fabulous job! I am one […]

First Grade Common Core

My good ole friend, Stacy, at:   gave me a heads up on this fantastic resource for 1st grade common core! The Common Core State Standards {First Grade Workbook}: I remember seeing the Kinder version all over the blogosphere a little bit ago, but now it is 1st grade’s turn! The Common Core State Standards […]

Our Writing Community & A Winner!

WRITING! I was HO-RRI-BLE at writing my first year teaching. Horrible.  The curriculum I had that year was outdated and choppy and being that it was my first year… I had little to fall back on in terms of teaching writing. I felt like I did my kids a huge disservice when they left first […]

Fallin’ for Autumn Freebie!

Fall is here folks! My oh, so FAVE season is in full swing. Unfortunately, I live in Vegas now… and there is no such thing as Fall… no cool crisp nights, no orange, red, and yellow leaves, no raking and jumping in leaf piles! Oh well…  I do love getting to show pictures and share […]

In Awe! 500 Follower Giveaway!!!

I am in awe…  Last Saturday around 2:00pm I reached 500 followers!!! I am so thrilled and I love all of you ladies n gents so much that I went all out for this giveaway! Seeing as we are getting into the Fall season, and being that I am from Salem, MA, I thought it […]

Showstoppin’ Digraphs! {and a bundle}

Hi friends! Thanks for all your sweet wishes for my BTS night – all went well! I am excited to say my creative *spark* is back! I have been working with a small group of students on digraphs and I was in need of some games and activities to keep those kiddos entertained!! We used […]