Engagement Photos and Valentine’s Day!

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! I am sick. Eyes hurt, nose hurts, throat hurts. EVERYTHING HURTS… Wahhhhhh!!!! Okay… done being a baby. This is my last night on vacation at my parents’ house and I am happy to say that it has been a BLAST! Parks and I celebrated our very first Christmas together, we visited so many friends […]

Merry Christmas! [The Best and Brightest]

I am a few days late but…. Merry Christmas!! I am still here in Salem with my family enjoying some much-needed relaxation. Here are some of us on Christmas Eve: Little sis and I, “little” brother and I… and on the right is me and the babe! I am also linking up with Christina Bainbridge […]

12-12-12 = WAY COOL!

One of my favorite blogging buddies, Stacy, is having a wayyyyy cool linky party to help us document our day on 12-12-12! Here are a few pictures from my day: 1. One of my little guys took a picture of me while I pretended to read a Santa book (after I really read it aloud). […]