Subtraction for 1st Grade! {What’s the Difference?}

My first graders are elbow-deep in these fun subtraction activities and games! We are learning all sorts of subtraction strategies and practicing some hands-on math! Students practice building and removing counters or cubes in this easy subtraction center. (You may have seen the similar free addition game on my blog awhile back) After learning how […]

Thanksgiving Fun

 It’s all turkeys and pilgrims in our room!  We are getting ready for Thanksgiving with some fun holiday activities. These crafts & writing are decorating our room:  (on a side note, these grainy pictures make me really want to take the bull by the horns and learn how to use my new camera!) Those writing […]

Anchor Charts Galore!

My class is becoming covered in first grade anchor charts. A couple weeks ago, I shared this picture on my FB page: This is only about 1/4th of the anchor charts in my room. I have used anchor charts in previous years, but only about 1 per subject and I would switch them out each […]

What’s Your Schedule?! Linky!

Having moved from Vegas to Mass and teaching the same grade level, I am amazed about how different the day-to-day schedules are! It got me thinking… How long is your school day? How long do you have for each subject? Do you have a Social Studies or Science block? Do you get time for planning […]