Addition with 3 Addends

I love math games. Did you already know that?!? I really do. In my classroom, I teach a concept whole group, send my little ones off to play a game to practice that concept, students independently try via pencil and paper (or more likely mini-whiteboard and marker), then bring them back for review. Rinse, dry, […]

My first ever giveaway!!!

After this weekend’s sale I noticed that my addition with 3 addends packet was selling more than in the past…. and it needed a major update!! I spent the past few days giving it a face lift and adding a few more things to the packet. Ta da! So now, I am going to try […]

The first of many…

Being that this is my 1st blog post (technically 2nd) here is a little bit about me: My name is Susan Moran and I am originally from Salem, MA. I moved to Las Vegas about a year and a half ago with my boyfriend (now fiance!) and we love it here. The weather is amazing, […]