Tracking Our Reading Growth in 1st Grade!

September 13, 2014

We are three weeks in and my data binder is well under way.

Our benchmark and QPS scores are finished and are being used to create groups for guided reading as we speak. Hopefully, I can start some groups next week! I thought I would share some data tracking sheets for you!

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I know a lot of older grades have students tracking their own data throughout the year, but I wanted to share how I have my little first graders track their growth throughout the year:
At the beginning of the year, I test each student and assess their reading (we use F&P levls not DRA). After reading with each child, I have them color in the bar graph based on their reading level. This little guy is starting off the year at an E!

We talk about what that means, what level books he should be reading and I explain that by the end of the year, his goal is to reach a level I in reading. Hence the star:
I file each of these at the front of each students tab in my data binder. Behind their graph, I keep any running records, guided reading notes, and benchmarking sheets that I complete with the student throughout the year.

As the year progresses and I check in with each student, I will have them graph their own growth as a fun way to see how much they are learning! It allows my little first graders to take ownership of their learning and they really do get a BIG ole smile on their face when they go up a level or two!

I know some schools use the DRA so I made that progress chart as well and they are available for FREE by clicking the image below.
Happy data tracking!


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  • Whoa, this tracking sheet looks so neat! I think it’s a great idea to arouse kids’ interest so they can progress faster. Thank you so much for sharing. A few years ago we had a reading diary to write down every book or story we competed. Sadly because of my english essay writing classes I had to leave my group for a while and now I’m trying to learn any new method or teaching strategy I can find. It’s really amazing when you can make lesson both productive and entertaining.