10’s Frame Trains & Sight Word Cubes (MPM Supplies)

October 20, 2012

Okay… technically for most of you it is already Saturday, but I am going to milk my last hour of Friday as much as I can.
I was contacted by someone at MPM School Supplies a few weeks ago and I was given the opportunity to buy some products to review from their website and I have to tell you I was VERY pleased with my choices!
I chose 2 items to review:
I saw the sight word cubes first and I have a group of kiddos that need some major practice with their sight words. Instead of the same old, boring, flash cards, I thought I would switch it up for my little ones! First we practiced simply rolling and reading and once they got familiar with most of the words, I added a Sight Word Quilt page so students could identify and color the words they rolled.
 The Sight Word Quilts are from Erica Bohrer’s Just Right Reading Response Activity Sheets for Young Learners. To check it out, click {here}!
The next product I received, I fell in love with immediately!
My class has been working on number sense through number talks each day and this game has helped my low group tons this week!
 The Ten Frame Trains come with a tens-frame spinner (numbers 1-10), ten connecting trains, and 20 Unifix cubes. My kids took turns spinning, identifying the number on the spinner and adding that many cubes to their trains. After each spin I would check in with them and see how many cubes they had at that time. They had a ball with these!
The MPM School Supply website was easy to navigate and checkout was a breeze! I will also add that I have been checking back for more supplies lately and they always seem to have great sales going on.
With the holiday season right around corner, MPM is offering my first 10 readers an extra 10% off discount. You just need to click the link below to redeem the offer:
Happy shopping!

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  • Hi Susan!

    I can't believe I missed your great review! Thanks so much for participating in our promotion. We are always grateful for honest feedback and are thrilled that you had a positive shopping experience with MPM School Supplies! Not only that, we just LOVE seeing the products you chose IN USE in the classroom!! It looks like your students had fun!

    We hope you have a fabulous holiday season and thanks again,