12 in 12 linky party!

December 10, 2012

I am so excited to join Hadar and Kristin in their 12 in 12 linky party!
I remember reading these last year, but I couldn’t link up because…..well…. I wasn’t a blogger! Now, T.G.I.F. is ready and rearing to go!
Here are my top 12 favorite things that happened in 2012:
(12) Favorite movie you watched: 
 This was a long year and I sure as heck don’t remember every movie I saw… but, I just saw Silver Linings Playbook last weekend and can tell you that I LOVED every second of it. I laughed, I cried, and I stared at Bradley Cooper. It was so, so good. The fiance loved it too!

(11) Favorite TV series:
I’m with Teeny Tiny on this one… I never miss an episode of Housewives – any season. Beverly Hills quickly became my favorite cast of crazies since it first aired.
(10) Favorite restaurant:
I don’t know if Chipotle counts as a restaurant, but it is my favorite place to eat. Always. Chicken burrito bowl, brown rice, black bean, veggies, and guacamole. To go. Now.
(9) Favorite new thing you tried:
It was soooo nerve-wracking and scary, but the relationships I have made through blogging are nothing less than amazing.
(8) Favorite gift you got:
 Uhhh, DUH!
The love of my life proposed and got me my canary diamond I always wanted!

(7) Favorite thing you pinned:
 This little girl makes me want a baby. Like, now. And, I will dress her in this immediately.

(6) Favorite blog post:
This summer I went to a blogger meet up here in Vegas and I was SUPER nervous. I was such a newbie blogger and I was shaking in my boots introducing myself to some of the bloggers I had loved to stalk via the computer screen. I am so, so, so happy I went because I met some of the coolest and funniest ladies EVER! The best part is that I am still in touch with most of these ladies now!

(5) Best accomplishment:
  My biggest accomplishment this past year is TPT! Just like blogging, Teachers Pay Teachers was scary!! I knew I was putting myself on the line and asking people to like my stuff and even, yikes, BUY my stuff, but it has been oh, so worth it!
(4) Favorite picture:
 Me and sisters being ridiculous in the hotel mirror. Sums up our relationship .
That’s me on the right doing a curtsey.
(3) Favorite memory:
(see #8)
(2) Goal for 2013:
 Get in sexy, wedding/honeymoon shape – I CAN DO IT! 
(right?!?! just tell me I can)
(1) One Little Word:


 This upcoming year is going to be filled with many milestones in my life: wedding/preggers(God-willing)/home-buyin’. These are all very stressful and stress is NOT a good look on me. I need to remember to breathe and relax and enjoy all the amazing adventures ahead of me!

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  • Thanks for linking up!
    I loved Silver Linings, too!! So good!
    Your ring is to die for. Holy crap. I mean, HOLY CRAP.
    Love the picture — I have two sisters, too, and we are just like that! (OLDER though. Waaa.)
    Loved reading your 12 in 12!

  • Ok, so I am apparently living under a rock or something… You are the third or fourth person who said that Chipotle was the restaurant to be at. I have lived in a lot of places, but I have never been to Chipotle. Now I'm in Alaska, and I doubt we have one. Ha!Ha!
    I've wanted a canary diamond since Ben Affleck gave one to Jennifer Lopez (was that who he was with at the time? I don't remember… I just liked to pretend it was me. Ha!). Anyway. I'm jealous! Who knows… My finger is currently waiting on a ring… We'll see. 😉 Congrats on your upcoming plans!

    Floating Through First Grade