120th Day – Hooray!

March 9, 2013

Tuesday, we celebrated our 120th day of school!!
Was it actually the 120th day?? I have NO clue…
I literally counted my calendar 5 times… and still couldn’t get it. Do I count staff development days or no? Isn’t counting to 120 a standard and I can’t even do it?

Anywho… someone on my 1st grade team decided it was Tuesday, so we went with it!

First, our kids dressed up like they were 120 years old and it was the best thing EVER! I was laughing all day. I wish I could show pictures of their sweet, wrinkly faces!

Once they got into class we got started sharing our 120th day projects. I sent a letter home last week telling students to be CREATIVE and create a collection of 120 something. Anything. Here are some of the projects that were shared:

120 fruit loops in the shape of a rainbow!

 Gumball machine! 12 groups of 10.

This little guy wrote his name in 12 different groups of 10.

A typed story with exactly 120 words.

(I blurred out the name – that is why is looks like scribbles in the middle)
This little one researched 120 different animals from all over the world!

Remember my little one who is obsessed the army?


After we shared our projects, we made some “120 days smarter” crowns to wear throughout the day!

Get these crowns here.

We also saw how many exercises we could do in 120 seconds. Here were their push-ups:

Their form was terrible, I tell you! Terrible!

In the afternoon, we made 120th trail mix! Parents brought in loads of snacks to help make this possible. Each student got 12 Dixie cups and they could put 10 snacks in each cup. While the snacks were still in groups of 10, I had students practice adding and subtracting multiples of tens with their cups (show me 40+20, 70-50, etc).

Here are a couple of my kiddos at the end of the day after we had made our 120th day ties as well:

It was a fun-filled day that the kids just LOVED!

This was our second year celebrating 120th day instead of the 100th day. We thought it would be fun to align to the Common Core and since our kindergarten team makes a huge deal of 100th day, we figured 120th day could be ours 😉

Do you celebrate 120th too?!?

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