Daily 5 – Chapter 1!

For a little over a year now I have been reading about Daily 5 in the blogosphere and wondering if it would work in my classroom. Wellll.. I figured this summer would be the perfect time to read the book and get ready to implement it into my classroom! After reading through the book (in […]

Tah Dah! & Sisterwives

After my sad news last week… I was ready for a little change! My fiance is a hugggeee computer nerd genius and he designs websites all the time for other companies. So why you ask, did I not ask him to design lil old blog?!?  Mostly because I am stubborn. When I started my blog […]

Sad news…

My dear bloggy friends, I have some sad news. Our district is having budget “issues” and to make a long, long, long story short, they have just implemented a RIF (reduction in force). Here in Las Vegas the RIF is based solely on seniority and because I started in October 2010…. I was about #1,000 […]

My Summer Reads!

It is the first Monday since school has been out… so I consider this to be my FIRST day of summer!  I cleaned the whole apartment (its not that big – so I shouldn’t get that much praise for this) Went to the gym (the first time I’ve seen it since April) and cooked dinner […]

Ice Cream Social!

School is out for summer!! My last day was Thursday and even though I sobbed for a good hour when my kids left, I am so excited to be on summer break! I have NOTHING to do all summer which is an extremely relaxing thought. I can laze by the pool…go to the gym…read all […]

3.5 more days!

Oh me, oh my! Thursday is my last day and I will be equipped with sunglasses and tissues all day because I hate goodbyes and I turn into a blubbering fool when they give me hugs and tell me they’re going to miss me 🙁 I am trying to mentally prepare myself and focus on […]