Inventive Spelling Freebie!

Back-to-school night is tomorrow and I have soooo much to do to get ready! I thought I would share a quick freebie before I finish stressing out getting my ducks in a row for the big night! I don’t know about your BTS night, but ours is solely informational! No kids, no fun, no games, […]

Show Some Random Love

This past week, one of my dear bloggy friends shared some tragic news. Her friend, at the young age of 29, was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. She also has an adorable daughter who isn’t even 1 year old yet. When Alisha, The Bubbly Blonde, approached me about donating an item for a fundraiser I […]

Tacky the Penguin!

We dove into character traits this week and what better guy to do that with than Tacky?!?! My kids love this odd little penguin! After reading the book, I recorded what my little ones had to say: Then we used Lindsey (The Teacher Wife)‘s character page from her Reading Comprehension Pack. I have both her […]

9/11 Activities & Freebies

  I am linking up with Erica Bohrer to share my 9/11 activities!  Last year I was in awe when I saw how poised and thoughtful my little firsties were when discussing this sensitive day. Many parents had already discussed the topic with their kids before they came to school so it gave us a […]

Enemy Pie for a Friday Freebie!

TGIF everybody!!!!! I am heading out for *date* night with the boy, but before I go I thought I would link up and share a Friday Freebie with you! I am using the book Enemy Pie by Derek Munson next week for a shared reading lesson.   This book is one of my absolute favorites […]

The Teacher-Witch

Remember this fabulous guest post Teri did for Magic Playdoh?!?!? {click picture to magically head to post} Well… I did this on my first day and let me tell you the kids ATE IT UP! Figuratively. Not literally. Ew. I, of course, was a horrible teacher blogger and didn’t take pictures of the event. Probably […]


It is time for Farley’s currently!! I love reading everyone’s currently. I think it’s because I am super nosy. Tell me all your secrets – GO!  {Listening} I love all things Bachelor and all I have to say is Rachel… WTF?!? {Loving} Seriously, I love all of you!! After a rough, rough week [see here] […]

Stapled Pants & Labor Day Sale!

{I thought I posted this at 1pm today…. so I am already home from shopping… WOOPS! Here it goes anyways…} I am off to go shopping for “teacher clothes.” I am sad to say I am a 25 year old woman with a wardrobe filled with jeans, tshirts, and plenty of sundresses, but very few […]

S.O.S.!!!! (& Featured Freebies)

My first week is over and it has been chall-en-ging. Honesty time: My students are not listening to me. I know this is the first week and we are setting the rules and expectations. We are creating a structure in our classroom so we can begin focusing on our academics. But, it is not working. […]