Turkey Malurkey & a Bundle!

Turkey day is one of my favorite holidays!  Random fact about me: I used to call it Mashed Potato Day when I was a kid because I hate, hate, hated turkey… but I tell ya, I loved mashed potatoes. Garlic mashed potatoes, buttery mashed potatoes, cheesy mashed potatoes, sour cream, chives, and bacon mashed potatoes. […]

Halloween Activities

Halloween season is among us! Honestly, we don’t spend TOO much time on this holiday in the classroom, but I find the best way to get this seasonal fun in is through centers!  Here are a few of the fun things we do the few days leading up to Halloween:  Trick or treat math sort! […]

Going Batty!

A three day week for the kids. 22 parent-teacher conferences. Report cards right around the corner. Lesson-study with my first grade team. Organizing 140 QSI results to make intervention groups. I am going BATTY! Thankfully, my favorite craftivity designer, Mrs. Cupcake, has got me covered!  We are learning to identify the main topic and key […]

Spider Word Families!

 Parent teacher conferences are this week – ahhhh!! That being said I have tons to do and not enough time to do it all! So this post will be short and sweet. I made this little spider craftivity that we will be completing tomorrow afternoon. It is EZ-PZ and free! Click on any of the […]

Addition with 3 Addends

I love math games. Did you already know that?!? I really do. In my classroom, I teach a concept whole group, send my little ones off to play a game to practice that concept, students independently try via pencil and paper (or more likely mini-whiteboard and marker), then bring them back for review. Rinse, dry, […]

Writing Personal Narratives Using Small Moments!!

How do you write narratives?! I already mentioned this before, but I am piloting Being a Writer this year and while I am loving the community feeling, I feel like my writing is pretty basic right now. I know we are building the foundation, but I am itching to just dive in and get to […]