Turkey Math

As November is nearing, I wanted to create some fun and seasonal math activities for my students to keep them engaged and learning! It can be a difficult few weeks of learning between all the candy crazed madness that Halloween brings, then the fun of Thanksgiving to winter holidays! I find the more I can […]

The King of -ing!

Last Friday we learned all about the king of ING! I have seen this idea around mannnnnnnny times, but I believe the first place I saw the king of ing was in one of my Mailbox magazines circa 2010 (or so?). The second I read about it, I knew I would always teach the ing […]

Snacking On Words!

My kids had a GREAT day today! So great, that I could fiinnnaalllyyyy reward them with this little treat I have had stored away for a few weeks! We spent the end of the day making CVC words with Cheez-It’s new Scrabble Jr. snacks! I made a little CVC word mat for students to make […]