Friday Photos!

[Note to readers]: I was writing this last night, hence the title, and somehow fell asleep at my computer. Woops! So let’s all just rewind a little bit back to Friday night. Sound good? TGIF! It is a three day weekend for this gal and I am SO excited to just relax and hang out […]

All Things Turkey!

2 more days this week. 4 days next week. 2 days the week after… and then IT’S HERE! I don’t know how it happens, but year after year I am always surprised by the holidays! This year, I am tryinnggggg to be more prepared. We are starting our turkey talk early! We just started reading […]

Feeling Very Thankful

As the holiday season creeps closer and closer I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! I am oh, so thankful for oh, so many things and I thought I would just take a little minute to share them: (1) My future hubs to be!  This guy makes me so incredibly happy and he somehow […]