First ever visual plans!!

Happy Easter everyone! My Spring Break is official O-V-E-R 🙁 and I have finally started thinking about school again. With all this time off I thought I would try out some visual plans! I have been wanting to do these forever, but I knew they would take me awhile to figure out. So *THANK YOU* […]

Artwork in the Classroom

It is Nevada Reading Week and our days are JAM-packed with “mystery readers,” book reports, author studies, and lots and lots of reading! On Monday, we learned all about Ezra Jack Keats! We had read Snowy Day about 15 times this year, so my students loved to learn more about him and read more of […]

Persuade a Leprechaun!

Teaching first graders about holidays is always hilarious. Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, a leprechaun – Whatever it is they swear they have seen it, held it, talked to it… If I have to hear that one more of my students saw a leprechaun and held it in their hands before he tricked them and […]

120th Day – Hooray!

Tuesday, we celebrated our 120th day of school!! Was it actually the 120th day?? I have NO clue… I literally counted my calendar 5 times… and still couldn’t get it. Do I count staff development days or no? Isn’t counting to 120 a standard and I can’t even do it? Anywho… someone on my 1st […]

Writing Poetry in the Primary Grades!

National poetry month is in April, but we are starting early this year! Last week we worked on the Common Core Standard: RL.1.4: students will identify words and phrases in stories or poems that suggest feelings or appeal to the senses. Each morning we would read aloud some poems, practice visualizing the poem in our […]