#teachertalktuesday on Instagram

 I am finally hoppin’ on the instagram train!! I use my personal instagram all the time, but I just created a blog one so I can join in on the fun that Rachelle, Natalie, and Michelle came up with! ^ Genius idea I tell you!^ To follow along my lonely new blog instagram, follow me […]

Late Nights & Lattes.. a lil sumthin’ new!

Well, well, well…. Sunday is here, summer countdown is on, and this lady has WAY too many things going on! I swear it is the only way I can function. Lots of big changes have been happenin’ in my life and I needed another outlet to share! That being said, I have been working on […]

Earth Day Fun & a Freebie!

We had a F-U-N Earth Day today! We were hugging trees and singing songs all of last week, so today was time to get to work and show a little bit about we had learned. We read both of these books last week: and today we focused on the book Tell Me, Tree by the […]

An emotional and busy FIVE FOR FRIDAY.

I love this linky, but I always seems to miss the boat…  so here I am… late… but here! This has been my week in random pictures: {1} My home. My heart. My family. I have been pretty emotional this past week with all the craziness that has gone on in Boston. My family is […]

Butterflies! and a freebie!

Last week we got our classroom butterflies and the kids are SOOOO excited! We have already read a few butterfly books, watched a BrainPop Jr. video (they are obsessed), and began our butterfly observations:   “I am wondering…” After we watched the BrainPop Jr. Butterfly video, we wrote down some facts we learned about butterflies: […]

Poetry Month!

Poetry month is here and my students are letting their creativity fly! After teaching all the different types of poems with a structured lesson, I just let them go and have fun! They have been loving the freedom of poetry and they amaze me with their poems. During our Daily 5 my students are often […]