Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s

We are keeping it seasonal up here in Massachusetts. It is all about pumpkins and leaves and the season, Fall! Here are some fun Fall math activities to help practice skip counting! I have been noticing that my students are still struggling with skip counting – especially counting by 2s. So, today, in math we […]

Pumpkin Math!

We have been having a pumpkin-filled week! After a relaxing, longggg weekend we came back to school Tuesday and went on our first field trip to the farm! Beautiful We picked pumpkins, fed animals, ate pumpkin spice donuts, and went on a tractor ride. The kids loved every second of it. I thought I would […]

Introducing…. MRS. JONES!

Well, hello, hello, hello! I have been a half-human for far too long! I have been scraping my way along while trying to be the best teacher, fiancee, blogger, I could be… all the while I was going crazy trying to juggle the many important life events that have developed over the past three months. […]

Recognizing, Representing, and Ordering Numbers to 120

These past couple weeks have been spent building our number knowledge! We are practicing recognizing our numbers, representing our numbers with pictures and manipulatives, and ordering our numbers all the way to 120! We started with out numbers to 20. I had students cut out these simple number cards, order them, and represent each number […]

Pattern Fish!

My students have been learning about patterns this past week! We talked about patterns around the room, patterns on the 120 chart, labeling patterns, and pattern units. It was A LOT of pattern talk. I actually had never taught an explicit pattern lesson until this year, but these little ones needed it! After we did […]

Let’s Start Writing!

We are full into the swing of things here in Mrs. Jones’ Class! Yesterday during writing we talked about the rules and expectations of writing and we practiced some sustained writing time in our journals. Today, I wanted to kick things off with a fun lesson!   I saw the book, Rocket Writes a Story, […]

The First Week!

My goodness, the first week is EXHAUSTING isn’t it?!? This year my new school has an extended day (7:30-3:30) and while I am SO excited to have more time teaching, it is going to take some getting used to – for both me and the kids! I have 19 little sweeties who show up each […]


I am so excited to announce that I just recently got a teaching job here in Mass…. and… it’s in FIRST GRADE!!!! Thank God! (ha ha ha ha ha…) I got to see my classroom for the first time yesterday and it is HA-UGE! It is honestly about 3-4 times the size of my old […]