Interactive Read Aloud Lessons!

Interactive read aloud, do you do it?! In my first grade classroom I used to have the class sit down after lunch/recess and I would read them some of my favorite books – Junie B., Flat Stanley, etc. It was a time to calm down, enjoy a good book, and get ready for an afternoon […]

First Grade Grammar Activities & Printables

There are so many first grade common core language and grammar standards. How do you teach them in your classroom? I shared some of my favorite activities and lessons!   When do you teach the grammar and language standards in your classroom??   Nouns, determiners, comma usage, prepositions…   Ya know… allllllllllll of THESE!   […]

How to Writing in First Grade

How to writing is one of my favorite writing units to teach. My students just get it and they enjoy writing many, many pieces!   Maybe it’s because my students think they know how to do everyyyytthiinngggg. 😉 If your students are like mine, let them run with the idea that they know it ALL and have […]

Common Core Phonics Assessments – 1st Grade!

We have four more days until spring break here in Mass. and it is CRUNCH time!   You may remember I blogged all about my Quick-Check Common Core Assessments last July [click HERE to get a refresher]. These were great at the beginning of the year, but my oh my, I don’t think I realized […]