3 Quick & Fun Morning Meeting Games!

August 8, 2019

Do you use morning meeting in your classroom?! I have some quick and fun games that you can take and play right away with your students!

First, if you don’t use morning meeting, you should really think about it. It is such a great time to come together as a community and for everyone to take ownership of our classroom. We greet one another by first name while using eye contact, we have great discussions, and we play some quick cooperative games together.

If you’re looking for more information on starting morning meeting in your room, I highly recommend the following book (affiliate link):


Now, onto some quick and simple games you can play with your K-2 students. In the following video, I share how to play the games, Buzz & Sparkle, Zoom, and Caught Red-Handed!

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I'm always looking for fun and QUICK morning meeting games to play in my first grade or kindergarten classroom. These 3 games are a mix of cooperative and academic! They are perfect because they only take about 5 minutes to play, but they're still a whole lot of fun! Head on over to the post to read more.


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Morning Meeting in a First Grade Classroom

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  • Love these! Thanks! It really helps plan for the morning meetings by actually seeing the game being played.

  • Thanks! It’s great to hear about good ones that have already been tried! Sometimes it’s hard to know when you read it in the books if they work out well.