3 Websites to use during Distance Learning

September 2, 2020

Many teachers all over the country right now are in full swing with distance learning, while others are preparing for the upcoming weeks ahead. Today, I wanted to share 3 different websites I think are helpful for teachers and students during this time.

Before I dive into all 3, I wanted to let you know that I shared all this information in video format and show the sites in action. To watch that just click below:

To read about the sites, just continue scrolling!

The first website I love for distance learning is one I have talked about many times before.


(1) Seesaw

I made an entire video about how I make lessons through the learning platform, Seesaw, which I think is a great tool for young learners. The site allows students to easily use drawing tools, take pictures, videos, and even record themselves reading a story!

Above is a video of my son, Theo, reading some beginning comprehension passages. After he read it 3 times and answered a few questions, he recorded himself reading the passage! He loves to listen to himself read the story and it is great to send into his teacher so she can hear him read it as well. These passages are ones I made specifically for use in Seesaw, Google Classroom, or you can use the printable versions. You can see those here: CVC Comprehension Passages.

In my Seesaw tutorial video above, I share how you can really take any PDF that you already own and turn it into a digital activity easily where students can type their responses, add pictures/videos, and more. It is a great site!


(2) Screencastify

Another app/site I think is really helpful during distance learning is Screencastify. This is a great way to show students exactly how to complete their assignments digitally. There is a big learning curve when trying to have students complete assignments through a computer or iPad, so showing them what to do with a quick video is a great way to connect with them as well as explain any directions.

Screencastify essentially takes a video of your screen and allows you the opportunity to show students your face and hear your voice as you show them where to move their mouse and how to complete any assignment. Currently, Screencastify allows 5-minute videos completely for free and offers very reasonable price for school districts if your school decides it is something you can all use!

In the top video of this post, where I show all 3 websites in action, I actually use Screencastify to do that!

As one more tip, I usually make a Screencastify video and upload it to the video directions section in Seesaw when showing my students how to do something!


(3) Really Great Reading

Lastly, I wanted to mention a free letter tiles site, I have been using with Theo to help him build words! Really Great Reading is a website created to share best practice in teaching students to read and they have a letter tile tool that allows students to build words. Not only does it have moveable letters, but it has them in digraph pairs, consonant blends, and larger chunks for students to manipulate.

If you’re working with students 1-on-1 or in small groups over the computer, you can share your mouse access and allow them to actually drag the tiles and create words just like you would during a word building center! You can access the tiles directly here: Free letter tiles


There are just 3 of my favorite sites/apps to use during distance learning. I know there are MANY more, so please share with us what you are loving down in the comments!


Pin to remember:

Head on over to this blog post to read about my 3 favorite websites to use during distance learning. I like all three of these sites for different reasons, so check out the post and let us know what distance learning tools you've been using!

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