5 Easy and Fun Math Games to Play At Home!

March 31, 2020

Do you happen to have any dice, dried beans, LEGOS, or cubes at home?! Then you can play so many of these educational math games at home with your kids. When teachers were thrust into distance learning a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to help by creating easy video lessons that can be sent directly to students or parents. These games are easy to play with things you already have at home and they will help your K-2 child review math skills they’ve learned at school!

I originally shared all 5 of these games in a little YouTube series I am calling, “Learn at Home with Mrs. Jones.” If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you will see that I have close to 100 videos where I share quick and easy ideas, games, and activities geared towards children 4-8.


Here are 5 easy and fun math games to play at home:

1. Counters in a Cup: Subtraction Game

In this video, I explain exactly how to play this fun subtraction game and all you need are 10-20 counters of some kind and a cup! These counters can be poker chips, LEGO pieces, blocks, dried beans etc. Anything that will fit under a cup.


2. Fill Your Pot – Addition Game

Fill your pot is a fun addition game I shared on St. Patrick’s Day. Students race to be the first to fill their pot of gold! You can easily play this without any sort of theme though. You can call it “Fill the tub, fill the cup, fill the bucket…” whatever you’d like! All you need to play this game is 2 dice and about 50 counters of some kind. Just watch above to see how to play!


3. Gather, Grab, and Graph: Graphing Activity

SNACKS! Who doesn’t love snacks?! This game is a simple and effective one as students will first gather 3 different types of small snack foods. Then, they will take 3 turns grabbing small amounts from a bowl and graphing them. I included an easy graphing sheet and some questions in the description of the video for you to use with this activity as well! Open the video on YouTube and you’ll be able to expand the description below the video to see it all.


4. Addition War!

Okay, there are SO many games you can play at home with a deck of cards. I share some other ideas in the description of the video, but this particular game is a little twist on traditional WAR. It’s addition war! In this short video, I show you exactly how to play so you can do this at home with your kids!


5. Count Your Home: Data Collection

Last, but certainly not least, we have data collection! If you have to be stuck at home all day, get your kids up and moving and counting. In this activity, students will walk around their house to count up and record how many of each object they have in their household. They will use tally marks as they count up things like electrical outlets, windows, clocks, and more. I include a recording sheet in the description of the video!


So there are 5 fun and easy math games to play at home with your kids! I hope you enjoy them and if you do, be sure to hit subscribe over at my YouTube channel because I upload videos at least once per week!


Looking for more standards-based math games that will engage your learners and save you lots of time?!

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Looking for some fun and easy math games to play at home?! This blog post shares 5 educational math games for students in kindergarten, first and second grade with video lessons to accompany each one! Head on over to the post to see each game!

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  • I have shared a lot of your games with my families. The kids enjoy playing them and they are learning too. Thank you!

  • These are so simple and fun! Thank you! Perfect for virtual learning <3 You are great on camera as well. Love your voice and personality. Very sweet teacher.