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Going to boston

Free Dice Games: Addition Fun for 1st and 2nd Grade

“Going to Boston” and “Pig” are two fun dice games that have students practicing addition in first and second grade! Both games only require some dice and the recording sheets to play, so they are virtually no-prep!

You can see the short video on how to play HERE: Dice Game Directions!

Included in this freebie:

  • 2 recording sheets for Going to Boston
  • 2 recording sheets for Pig

Enjoy 🙂

Susan Jones



Fun Number Sense Card Game: TRASH!

We all know that having a strong number sense is vitally important to our mathematical ability. It’s why we spend so much time looking at, deconstructing, and working with numbers in kindergarten and first grade. I am always looking for fun and engaging number sense games to help my primary students practice how to identify, […]

Addition Dice Games for 1st and 2nd Grade!

Today, I am sharing two fun addition games and all you need to play is some dice! Both of these games are great for first or second grade and they are naturally low-prep. The first game is called “Going to Boston.” It’s a great way for students to quickly identify the largest number rolled and […]