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Math Games for Distance Learning!

Oh 2020, you are a weird one. Many teachers all over the country are currently teaching in some sort of “different” way than they are used to. Many are teaching remotely through a computer screen while others are in the classroom with or without masks and many are required to socially distance while in the […]



3 Websites to use during Distance Learning

Many teachers all over the country right now are in full swing with distance learning, while others are preparing for the upcoming weeks ahead. Today, I wanted to share 3 different websites I think are helpful for teachers and students during this time. Before I dive into all 3, I wanted to let you know […]

Free Virtual Morning Meeting Ideas | Great for Distance Learning

Morning meeting was always one of my favorite times to spend with my students in the classroom. It was a time to build community, connect, review skills, and set the tone for the rest of the day. While many of us will be starting the year through distance learning, I wanted to share some ways […]

Starting the Year with Distance Learning | 5 tips

Are you starting the year with distance learning?! I know many schools all around the country are preparing to begin remotely and many have already started. To help you out, I wanted to share 5 tips for beginning the year remotely. If you want to go ahead and watch (or listen to) these tips instead […]

5 Comprehension Activities to use during Distance Learning!

While many teachers are still finishing up a couple more weeks of distance learning, I wanted to share 5 easy comprehension activities that can be used remotely, at home, or in a classroom! I shared this information in a recent video so if you would like to watch or listen to it, just click below. […]

Choice Boards for Distance Learning

Choice boards are great for fostering student independence at all times of the school year, but they may be even more important now during distance learning. Each student has a completely different family situation going on at this time and students may not be able to complete the same types of assignments. I took this […]

My 3 Tips for Distance Learning!

This whole distance learning thing is new for all of us. Teachers are home trying to tend to their own lives and the way it has changed along with trying to teach students from afar. Parents are taking on more of the educational duties while also working their own jobs from home. Curriculum-creators (like myself) are […]