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November 20, 2012

2 more days until Thanksgiving break!
I am hearing that some of you lucky ladies and gents got this WHOLE week off… whaaaat?!
I’ve never heard of such a thing! (JEALOUS)
We are still trucking through Wednesday – but it’s all good because we are jam-packed with fun activities!!
Here are a few snapshots of the past couple school days:
My power-hour group is full swing into all the different spelling patterns for long a! Here we are reading, tracking, and counting the long a words in the passage. The boys are on a word hunt to distinguish long a words from short a words. Both of these activities are from my {Long Vowel Games and Centers} pack.
I have been a horrible photographer this holiday season because I swear we’ve done LOADS of fun Thanksgiving activities!! Above is one of my littles working on some verbs from Katie’s {The Busy Teacher’s Best Friend – Thanksgiving Edition}. Her busy teacher packets are amazing – I used tons from her Halloween one, as well as Thanksgiving and seriously, they are a teacher’s best friend… NO PREP NECESSARY! Next to her verb page is a little Venn diagram we made this morning comparing our lives to that of Pilgrim children.
 Math practice! These short, busy weeks are perfect for some reviewing of essential math skills! On the left, my kids are playing 5-in-a-row using 3 addend addition. I snuck in a challenge dice (with just the numerals 1-6 on them) that way they could move past just counting up the dots. That game is one of many from my {Addition with 3 Addends} pack. On the right, is a fun number line game from The Teacher Wife. It is part of her new {Number Line} pack and really…. you can never go wrong with one of her items!
Okee doke… I am off to plan and finish the packet below! I am sooo close to finishing! I hope to get it uploaded by tomorrow night at the latest… but we shall see!
 Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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