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March 17, 2013

Happy Sunday folks!
My life has been crazy-busy lately! Parker and I put our first offer in on a house here in Vegas – EEEK! Wish us luck! We have heard that you are likely to put in about 10 offers before you finally get a house here, but our fingers are crossed nonetheless!
The day we made our offer, we stopped and got some smoothies to help us make our decision 😉 
You can’t beat some fruit smoothies on a gorgeous day!
Inside the walls of 41B, we have been busy, busy, busy! I have some major thanks to give to a lot of my blogging pals for helping me through this crazy week. Here are some quick pics:
Gladys from Teaching in High Heels helped us out with her St. Patrick’s Day O’ Fun! pack. I put her non-fiction, St. Patty’s Day book up on the smart board and we read it together. Well, the kids actually felt like they were watching a movie, so I played it up and read the book over the microphone. I then picked a few readers to read each page over the microphone, too! After the book, we recorded some facts we learned!
My fabulous friend, Kelley, has a super fun and easy project for the kids to practice their story elements. We read Fin M’Coul and then recorded the characters, setting, problem, and solution on the Story Element Shamrocks!
 In math, my kids are working on double-digit addition and subtraction.
 Here are a few of my kiddos playing a subtraction BUMP! game with multiples of 10. This game is in my Spring Math Games pack.
Last, but not least, my pal, Katie, has a ton of fun games in her Sporty Kids Common Core Math Games pack and my own sporty kids have just been LOVING Tennis Top-it!
This next week is Nevada Reading Week, so I will have loads of fun pictures to share! I don’t know about you, but I am hoping this week flies by! 5 more days until I am lying by our pool reading home design magazines! That is how I plan to spend my Spring Break 😉
PS – We should find out by Tuesday if we get the house!
Have a great week!

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