Addition Dice Games for 1st and 2nd Grade!

November 8, 2019

Today, I am sharing two fun addition games and all you need to play is some dice!

Both of these games are great for first or second grade and they are naturally low-prep. The first game is called “Going to Boston.” It’s a great way for students to quickly identify the largest number rolled and then students add the numbers in the end. You can play this game with 3 or 4 dice!

The second game is called “Pig.” This is a fun strategy game where students race to be the first to get to 100. I included two different recording sheets for students to try this game out.


You can see how to play both games by watching the video below:

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To grab the free printables for each game, just click below:


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Head on over to the blog post to see how to play two fun dice games for kids! Both games are great for reviewing addition in first or second grade and you can grab some FREE printables over on the post!

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  • You are SO cute! I love getting these thank you! My job (sdc tk-3teacher) is incredibly stressful and exhausting and these little videos just make me happy lol! Anyway, just wanted to share! Appreciate the free printables too!! Happy 3 day weekend! Xoxo Apryl

  • I used these games years ago and forgot about them. My grade 1 students are going to love doing these, some of my old-time favorites!

  • These games are fantastic! Simple to learn, tons of addition practice and all I have to do is print a couple of pages and get the dice out! Love it! Thank you, Thank you!