Addition Game for First Grade

September 29, 2019

I love using all sorts of fun games when practicing addition (or really any math skill) in first grade. The game I am sharing today is a particularly easy one to prep and implement in your classroom right away. It is called Biggest Wins!


All you need to play this game is a die and a paper (like the one shown in the video). I have this game-sheet already made for you in my Print, Play Learn Math Games unit, but this one is easy enough to recreate which is why I shared it!


Just watch the video below to see how to play. If you are a 2nd grade teacher, I share plenty of ways to differentiate this game to suit your needs as well. Towards the end of the video, I also share how to flip this game and make it work for subtraction too:

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If you’re looking for other math games in my Print and Play unit (there are 48 different ones!), you can find those here:


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I love teaching my first graders games to practice all sorts of math skills! They are an easy and fun way to practice addition, subtraction, place value and so much more. Once student start playing these games, they won't want to stop. Head on over to the blog post to read how to play the addition game, Biggest Wins! It is perfect for first and second grade students.

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  • I look forward to your Sunday Spotlights. It would be amazing to meet you in person… maybe at a Math PD…. (hint hint). LOL

    You are an inspiration for me.

  • Thank you, I am always looking for ways to build automaticity of number facts by using addition or subtraction games. My students enjoy working with a partner.