Apple Math! Math Games for the beginning of the year!

July 24, 2014

Last fall I was inspired by a field trip to the pumpkin patch to make some math games that I “creatively” called Pumpkin Math.
They were a fun way to tie in pumpkins to our math block and they were a big hit in my classroom.
Thinking along those same lines, I wanted to make something for the month of September that was similar. We learn all about apples and Johnny Appleseed at the beginning of the year, so I thought I would make 6 more math games and title it, Apple Math! Again… the creative juices must have been flowing when I thought of these titles 😉
Since I will be using these centers and games at the beginning of the year, I made them to align with what we will be teaching at that time.
Here is an example of the activity, Adding Apples!

There are 18 different task cards in which students add red and green apples to find sums within 10. There is also a recording sheet for them to record their answers. I included the little apples for students to use as manipulatives, but I also know I have some cute apple buttons and pom-poms at school that my kids will love to use!
Another activity is our book of story problems:
We work on story problems all year long so my students can get used to the real world application of math. It also gets them used to solving the problem, showing their work, and writing the equation. These are addition and subtraction within 10 and are a great starting point for story problems at the beginning of the year.
These are just 2 of 6 different activities for students to complete. To read about the others, just click HERE! or to see all the whole year’s worth of  themed centers, click the math centers image below:

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