Art & Academic Night & A Math FREEBIE!

May 28, 2012

Our Art & Academic Night was last Thursday night and we had so much fun!
Here’s a little peak into our night:
A few months ago I found these adorable little owls on pinterest and since our school mascot is the owl I couldn’t resist doing them with my students!! It is funny to see each of their personalities in this lil craftivity.

We displayed our poetry books on our desk (from Natalie Kay’s poetry pack here) and our non-fiction books we created (from my All About Book templates). 

On our board I kept our poe-tree anchor chart which I stole(borrowed?) from Cara Carroll and my inspector fix-it who helps us with all sorts of grammatical errors! 
There is also our pasta butterfly life cycles I posted about here.

I meant to take a lot more pictures but I was running all over the place like a crazy person before the parents came… whoops!
Last week we also worked on this Balancing Equations freebie I made.
After our testing (why did I notice this AFTER and not before?!?!) I realized my students had a very difficult time solving equations like this:
4 + 7 = 5 + ____
So I pulled out the balances and some cubes and we practiced, practiced, practiced, until their light bulbs turned on! [*We used this term all year & the students loved helping their classmates turn their light bulbs on… it is kinda adorable!]
 Click on any of the worksheet examples below to download my freebie!

Now I must go eat breakfast and lay by the pool for the rest of this lazy day 🙂
Have a great SHORT week!

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