Author Celebration & The End of Reading Week

March 26, 2013

Spring break is HERE folks and I am one happy camper 🙂
I have a recently loaded Starbucks card, my laptop, and a whole DVR full of shows to keep me occupied this week!

I was looking through my phone this morning and I wanted to share with you from our day on Friday.

It was our last day of Nevada reading week which meant pajamas, blankets, and stuffed animals to cuddle up and ENJOY reading! My kids loved their day and I ran around like a crazy person – what else is new?! Amidst all the reading, we prepared all day for our author celebration. We invited the parents to come and enjoy the afternoon reading our All About Books we finally finished.

Early in the morning, I got my students in their animal groups and they got to work together to create a “tear art” poster to display during the party. They were loud and crazy and loved every second of this art project. I needed a pair of earplugs, but I can tell you I loved what their creative craziness created!


Before the parents came, my teaching bestie and I went out a bit early and got some snacks ready for the adults and kids to enjoy!

While we were setting up the snacks, we let the kids hang out while they anxiously awaited their parents and their published books.

Our All About Books – DONE!
Our students reading their books with their parents – they were so proud!
As an added bonus, our whole school read over 30,000 minutes during reading week! Our reward?! Our principal and assistant principal spent ALL day Friday on the roof! Each class had a special time to go out and visit them up there! They had water balloons to throw at the kids and they even had a pulley system with a bucket to transfer notes back and forth.

 {Thank you Alyssa for the pictures!}

It was the perfect way to end our week AND start our spring break!

*If you are looking for some things to get your author celebration going in your own classroom, check out my author celebration packet!*

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