Back At It… With Holiday Photos!

December 19, 2012

Monday was filled with hugs, learning, and laughter.
It was exactly what we needed to get back into the swing of things in our little classroom.
Today… was jam-packed with holiday fun!
This morning we read The Gingerbread Man and retold the story using headbands and a little reader’s theater action. The students picked their parts in the play, colored in their headbands, and retold the story to the class! They did a great job and they were pretty darn funny. I love that we practice, and practice, and practice. Then the students get in front of the class and go BLANK.
My friend, Tracy got these cute little headbands from this book. It has some classic stories for the kids to read and practice retelling in order.
To kick off our math block, we used Deanna Jump’s gingerbread cookie graphing activity found in THIS pack. The students were each given a gingerbread cookie and they were told they could take 1 bite from the cookie. After they took their bite they came to the mat and we graphed which part of the cookie they ate first: the head, the arm, the leg, or the tummy! The students thought this was hilarious. Then, they went back to their seats and filled in their graph independently.
Next up, we reviewed fact families and made Kelley’s Gingerbread Fact Family Houses.
My students lovedddd making these and they turned out adorable! It was the perfect activity to review these skills before break.
Lastly, we traveled to our second stop – MEXICO – to learn about how Christmas is celebrated. The students created this adorable poinsettia and completed their Christmas around the world journal created by the ever-amazing, Stephanie, from Falling into First.

 You can get her pack HERE!

That is about it for our fun-filled day. I hope all you other teachers out there are getting back into the swing of things with your students and enjoying the last few days together before break!
T-minus 3 days!

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  • We made a smaller version of the poinsettia while "visiting" Mexico. The kids did it free hand and wanted lots of help. It was a reminder to me that art is needed all year and not just at the holidays.

    Fabulous projects going on in your classroom!
    The Resourceful Apple

  • Cute gingerbread house Susan! We never seem to have enough time for the gingerbread man before Christmas so I'm hoping I might be able to get to it all in January when we get back.

    I also wanted to THANK YOU for joining up with the Teachers Supporting Teachers linky party to raise money for the staff and students in Connecticut! Thank you for donating your sales to a good cause!! 🙂

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten