Back to School Must-Haves EMAG!

August 7, 2013

I am SO excited that I got to take part in April & Melanie‘s EMAG this year!
This magazine is filled with teacher and classroom supplies that teachers all over the country say we NEED in our classrooms.
Click the image below to see what three items I think you need in your classroom! You may also see a few familiar faces if you flip through 😉

Here is a the cover image in case you want to pin it:

As you are looking through the magazine, you can click on any image on the pages and the link will take you to a site in case you’d like to buy that product or see more information. If you see a face or blog you are unfamiliar with, you can also click on that image to head over to their blog.

Enjoy browsing!

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  • Many times when i get your emails, your images do not show up. I am not sure if it is my computer or the way you are sending them, but I noticed on your site, the same thing shows up. I am not having trouble getting images from other bloggers though.