End of the Year Math Review Games (FREE Scavenger Hunts)

Need a fun end-of-the-year review game for kindergarten, first, and second grade? In this post, I share a math review scavenger hunt that can be used digitally or in person! Read the post below to see how it works, then grab yours with the link below! It includes an editable version for you to fill […]



How to use Math Talk in Kindergarten, First, and 2nd Grade!

In today’s blog post, we are learning all about math talk in primary grades! I have 3 different phrases for you to start incorporating in your math block to ramp up that “math talk.” We know that while it is important for students to be able to solve different problems, we also know that it’s just […]

How to Teach Teen Numbers in Kindergarten and First Grade

In this blog post, I share some easy tips and activities for teaching teen numbers in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. The numbers 11-20 are a big number sense skill that is usually focused on in school at the end of the kindergarten year and the beginning of first grade. I wanted to share these activities […]

How to Teach Consonant Blends

If you are a first or second-grade teacher, I am sure you’ve taught consonant blends to your students before! In this post,  I am going to share the steps I take when teaching this phonics skill to my students. Before I dive in, I wanted to let you know that you can watch/listen to all […]

How to Teach Conflict Resolution in Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade

Do your students get in arguments in your classroom?! Mine too! It is completely normal for students to get in conflicts with their peers, but we, as teachers, need to teach students how to resolve these conflicts. In today’s post, I am going to over some of the steps I take to teach my students […]