Category: Writing

Writing Sentences in First Grade

Writing sentences in first grade, kindergarten, or second grade can be a difficult thing to do. Today, I wanted to share the steps I walk through the get my primary students feeling comfortable writing sentences. They will learn the parts of a sentence, how to write a complete sentence, and how to make detailed sentences. […]

How I make lessons in Google Slides

If you are using distance or remote learning, you are likely learning all sorts of new tech skills these days! A few months ago, I shared all about how I have been making lessons in Seesaw, and today, I wanted to share some tips on how I make lessons for Google Slides. Before I dive […]

3 Websites to use during Distance Learning

Many teachers all over the country right now are in full swing with distance learning, while others are preparing for the upcoming weeks ahead. Today, I wanted to share 3 different websites I think are helpful for teachers and students during this time. Before I dive into all 3, I wanted to let you know […]