Free Cause & Effect Activities for First and Second Grade

January 14, 2019

Cause & Effect!

Students have been unknowingly learning about causes and effects their entire lives. “Eat your veggies and you will get dessert.” “Put those toys back and you can play with something else.” They learn that their actions have effects.

When put into a story context, we are teaching students to focus on two important parts of comprehension: what happens and why it is happening. Students begin to clearly see how the characters actions and reactions can effect what else happens in the story. It can be fun to brainstorm what could’ve happened if the character had done something differently.

The following games are what I like to use when introducing cause and effect to students. Instead of identifying the cause and effect in a story, they are looking at isolated incidents to really grasp the idea first.


Inside this Freebie:

When teaching students to identify causes and effects, I like to have them create their own causes/effects that would make sense in different situations. I find this helps them really understand the concept.

In this partner activity, students will simply roll the die and choose one of the causes/effects to complete. They will continue until the chart is finished. I like to then compare our causes and effects with the class. This helps students see that there can be many different causes which make the same effect and vice versa.


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This FREE cause and effect activtiy is perfect for first and second grade students when introducing this skill. Students can play this game with a partner and then compare the answers in whole group! Head on over to the post to grab these cause and effect activities!

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  • This looks like a great activity to help my students grasp the concept of cause and effect! Thank you!