Choice Boards for Distance Learning

April 25, 2020

Choice boards are great for fostering student independence at all times of the school year, but they may be even more important now during distance learning.

Each student has a completely different family situation going on at this time and students may not be able to complete the same types of assignments. I took this into account when creating different choice boards for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

For each grade, I created boards for math, literacy, writing, and indoor/outdoor fun!

There are 4 weeks worth of choices for each category. Some first-grade examples would include:

  • MATH: Draw a picture and solve 80-30
  • LITERACY: make a list of 3 words that rhyme with pole
  • WRITING: make a list of 3 presents you would like to receive for your next birthday
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR FUN: have an indoor or outdoor picnic for lunch


Each choice is meant to be quick to complete and they are standards-based. This way you, as the teacher, can assign however many boxes you want per week, and students can look through and decide what they would like to do!

My own 5-year-old has been loving the kindergarten version for literacy and math, and both my boys have loved the indoor/outdoor fun boards! Here they are enjoying an indoor picnic on a rainy day a couple of weeks ago:


Knowing that many teachers are unable to send physical packets to their students, I went ahead and made a digital version of these boards and included them within the unit as well! The digital version also has an editable form for each mat. This way you can type in whatever skills you want your students to work on!


To see the choice boards for each grade level, just click the images below:



First Grade


Second Grade


I shared a bit about why I love choice boards and shared some free math ones over in my YouTube video a few weeks back. You can check that out here:


Pin to remember:

 These choice boards are a great way to foster student independence both in the classroom and during distance learning! Each unit has a month worth of engaging math, literacy, writing, and indoor/outdoor fun choices for students to pick from! There is also a digital option for teachers to use and type their own options as well. Head over to the post to see the specifics for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade!

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