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August 20, 2014

I love the chance to take a peek into classrooms around the world so I thought I would take a minute and share my classroom with you!
My classroom walls are a bit bare now since I save a LOT of my wall space for student work and anchor charts we make together, but I can show you how it all begins!


I am SO lucky to have a large classroom. If you have followed my blog for the past few years, you will see that I used to have a teeny-tiny room in Las Vegas. I am spoiled here!

This is the view from my exterior door.
You can see part of my classroom library which is separated both by genre and level. I also display seasonal books on the display bookshelf. Those switch every two weeks or so!

Reading posters: Free from Teacher Wife

Directly to the left of when you walk in is my half set-up math station. Each tub holds our math centers which change throughout the year. They consist of games from these two following units:

Print and Play Math Games:
These are all black and white games used with dice and spinners (EASY!)

First Grade Math Centers for the Year:
These centers are in color and laminated to keep throughout the years. The top is not finished yet, but will hold more math manipulatives and games that I will want to grab quickly!

Walk past the bookshelves and you see the second half of the room!
My student desks and where we do our seated work.
Those back cabinets around the sink will eventually become our word wall. We only put up words as we learn them throughout the year. I like it on our cabinets because we do our writing at our seats so it provides easy access for students to find the words they need!
 Look left to see our computers, more windows, and our writing station in the right corner!
The cabinet on the left holds tons of guided readers and phonics games.
The alphabet is from my Primary Decor Pack.

 But if you kept walking straight you would see this little hallway which leads to the main building (door on the right) and a big ole storage closet (door on the left)
 Close up of our word work station!

Display bulletin board with binder clips held up by push pins to easily switch out papers AND not put holes in them!

Now, let’s turn back around and look at that writing center!

 Inside the tubs are prompts from my Beginning of the Year Writing pack and will be replaced throughout the year with my Writing Through the Seasons prompts.

Sight word practice: Free from Kindergarten Smiles

Look to the right and you see our bathroom, small whiteboard and cubby area.
I use the small whiteboard whenever we are in our seats.

Now look back towards the exterior door! More windows, behavior chart, my “turn it in” bin (the stinkin’ poster fell behind the cabinets) and folders/take home bin.
Underneath the windows is where I store ALL our math manipulatives.

Please note: the behavior chart seen in this photo is not something I would use anymore in a classroom. You can read this quick article sharing some of the reasons why I wouldn’t choose to use this type of behavior management anymore in my classroom. 

Meeting area and calendar space! I use lots of that wall space above and below the boards for anchor charts and student work!

Last, but not least, my teacher space! It needs some sprucin’ up, but that is the last thing I tackle.
Notice my owl painting that a STUDENT made for me my last year in Vegas! I love, love, love it and display it every year!

Well that is all I have for now and as we work in the classroom over the next month, my room will look a lot more VIBRANT as it gets filled with student learning.

Thanks for taking a look inside my room!

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  • Nice space! I like how the areas are kind of separate. I can't believe you have that many kids!! Eek! The most I've had is 19! It is Florida state law to have 18 kids in a K-3 grade 22 in 4-5. I would not know what to do with so many bodies in the room. You do have a large space though! Hope you are off to a great start of your school year!
    Rambling About Reading

  • Your classroom space is AMAZING!! My goodness…whoever designed the layout of your classroom is genius! So much better than all the square boxes they create today. What a wonderful learning environment with very specific learning zones. I would LOVE a classroom like that!