Educational Gifts for Kids: 2019 Favorites!

December 3, 2019

The gifting season is upon us and I am here to share my favorite educational gifts for kids in 2019! I went ahead and shared a few of my favorite kids’ gifts last year (see that here) and it was a hit. So, I am back again with some tried and true favorites from our house.


This year, I went ahead and made a little video explaining each gift a little further so you can see why my boys like it. You can watch that below:

I also went ahead and listed out a little blurb about each educational gift below. Please note any Amazon links below are affiliate links and when you purchase through that link, I receive a tiny kickback. That being said, all these are products we actually use and love in my house!


First, up is the games category. My boys LOVE to play games (as do me and Parker) and these two top our list for kids ages 4-7:

Silly Street

This board game is easy to play and a whole lot of FUN for the whole family! You can see some example game cards in the video above.


Suspend or Suspend Jr.

I mentioned this one last year, but I have to mention it again because it still tops the list! It’s great for hand-eye coordination and it has a Jenga-like feel. The one I listed above is the regular version and as I mention in the video it says it’s for ages 8+ but my 5-year-old has no problem with this one. If your kids are 3-5, you may want to try Suspend Jr. instead (see that here!)


Now, onto some STEM items! Engineering, building, hypothesizing… it’s all sorts of fun and with my boys, it’s been a blast. Two of the science-themed gifts we’ve been loving are:

Crayola Color Chemistry Kit:

This color chemistry kit is a gift Theo received for his 5th birthday and it is a whole lot of fun! There are 50 different experiments for kids to do! Now, this one I would definitely say is to be done with adult supervision, but you can listen to some of the experiments Theo and his dad completed in the video above!


Kiwi Co. Subscription Boxes
Theo with his first kit all about colors!

I know I say this in the video, but I am SERIOUSLY obsessed with this subscription. My friend, Haley, from Teaching with Haley gifted my boys this box about a year ago and when it ran out, I knew I had to sign up to keep it going. I explain all about it in the video!


Lastly, some technology-ish type items!

Kids binoculars:


When you give a kid binoculars, they immediately become an explorer! Theo and Calvin each have a pair of binoculars and they are so darn cute walking around the backyard and looking out the windows with these things. They love to tell me what they can see!


Kid’s camera:

Okay, is my 5 year old the only one who loves taking pictures?!? Theo could walk around and snap photos all day! I wanted to grab him his own digital camera. This one is cheap and so cute! There were a lot of cameras to sift through and most of them had video games on them which I didn’t want because if given the option, Theo would absolutely play the games instead of taking pictures. But this one can take videos and pictures and he can see them right on the camera. You can also upload them to a computer with the SD card if you wanted to!


So if you were looking for any last-minute gift ideas for your own kids, nieces/nephews, grandkids, etc.


Pin to remember:

Looking for a few more educational gifts for kids?! Head over to my blog post where I share 6 of my favorite, tried and true gifts for kids ages 4-7. This 2019 gift guide is teacher-approved and perfect for you to grab some get some inspiration this holiday season!

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