End of the Year Math Review Games (FREE Scavenger Hunts)

May 11, 2022

Need a fun end-of-the-year review game for kindergarten, first, and second grade? In this post, I share a math review scavenger hunt that can be used digitally or in person! Read the post below to see how it works, then grab yours with the link below! It includes an editable version for you to fill in with whatever skills you need! Before I dive in, I wanted to let you know you can watch or listen to all this information in video format below:

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know how much I love using games for teaching math skills. Some of my favorites include my Solve it! Math Centers and my Math Mysteries units. You can see a little about each of these below:

Solve it! Math Centers:

These fun math centers have students solving a bunch of mini-puzzles with a fun spinner! Depending on the key noted in each puzzle, students will set the spinner to the correct spot and then solve the problem using the skill being reviewed. In the example above, the skill is addition within 20. once students solve the problem, they draw a picture of what the clue says! I have these for addition, subtraction, place value, and number sense and they are a whole lot of fun to do independently. You can check these out here: Solve it! Math Centers


Math Mysteries:

These math mysteries are quickly becoming a favorite of students and teachers of the SJT Math Club! Within each skill (above is subtraction within 20), there is a fun mystery that needs to be solved. In this one, a bunch of dogs at a dog park mixed up their bones and we need to help them get their bones back! There are 8 clues to solve (all using subtraction within 20) and once a clue is solved, we can find out which bone belongs to each dog. These interactive mysteries are available in a printable format like shown above, but they are also pre-loaded into Seesaw and Google so students could complete them digitally as well. They are fun to do independently over a few days or you can group students up and have them work together to solve the mystery! I currently have mysteries for 7 different skills and I am coming out with many more. You can see these here: MATH MYSTERIES


FREE Math Scavenger Hunts:

While those activities review different skills individually, I came up with this FREE scavenger hunt game to combine all the K-2 math skills we went over during the year to use as a fun end-of-the-year review activity. I created 3 boards for this game, one for Kindergarten, one for 1st grade, and one for 2nd grade. As you can see in the Kindergarten board below, there are 12 blocks, numbered 2-12, and one with a star at the end.

To play, your students will take turns rolling two dice and finding the sum. The sum of the dice they rolled indicates what box they will solve. For example, if you roll a 2, you need to find, make, or draw the number 3 because the equation in box #2 is “2+1”. You can go find something around your classroom (or house if you’re learning remotely) with the number 3 on it, or you can make or draw the number 3 on your scavenger hunt board.

Students can also find items to show the equation “2+1” instead – for example, 2 blue cubes and 1 green cube. There are several ways to switch up the game and expand on all the math skills we learned throughout the year. Once the students have made their way across the 2-12 boxes on their board, they can finish with the final star box and complete the grid.

My favorite part about this scavenger hunt is coming together at the end and sharing all the different ways we represented each box!

I love using scavenger hunt games with my students because it gets them up & moving, and it is also a great way to show what they’ve learned throughout the year. You can also switch it up to play independently or with a partner depending on your classroom’s needs, and it is an easy game to transfer virtually for students using iPads or other technology. In fact, it’s fun that way to upload the hunt into Seesaw (or use the google version already available) and have students take pictures of the ways they solved each box!

And so you can see it, here is what the 1st grade and 2nd-grade boards look like:


You can download the K-2 scavenger hunt boards for free by clicking the image below:

I also made it editable so you can create a board specific to your class and the skills that you have taught throughout the year!

If you’re interested, you can check out another game I made for an end-of-the-year Jeopardy-style trivia game with a free editable template by clicking the link here: END OF YEAR JEOPARDY (EDITABLE)


I hope you enjoy these scavenger hunts with your students! Let me know how you like them down in the comments!

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