End of year math review game! Shootin’ Hoops

May 18, 2019

The end of the year is a crazy busy time for both teachers and students. The sun is shining and everyone can just feel the end of the year at their fingertips.


When we just can’t get those wiggles out, I like to find ways to get students learning WITH their wiggles. This fun, math review game is something I have included in my Countdown to Summer unit, but I spent a few minutes over on YouTube showing how you can play on your own:


I hope you enjoy this fun math review. I can promise you it is one students love to play over and over again! As I explain in the video, it is great for any grade since you can just change the numbers you want on the back of the cup. You could have students multiply or divide instead of add and subtract. You can really make this game work for you and your classroom!


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This end of the year math game is a great way to get students up and moving all while practicing addition and subtraction facts! I created game based on first grade students, but head over to the post to see how to adapt this game for all grade levels!

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