Fallin’ for Autumn Freebie!

September 23, 2012

Fall is here folks!
My oh, so FAVE season is in full swing.
Unfortunately, I live in Vegas now… and there is no such thing as Fall… no cool crisp nights, no orange, red, and yellow leaves, no raking and jumping in leaf piles!
Oh well… 
I do love getting to show pictures and share my Autumn memories with my students during this season. These Vegas kids know summer… they know allllllll about summer… but Fall… that’s my domain!
Ahh… New England memories…

As I was reminiscing about Fall last night I decided to make some writing prompt cards that I will be using during Daily 5 over the next few weeks! Since I love Fall and I love all y’all, I decided to make the free! Just click the image to download them from my TPT store!

My bloggy friend, Ashley, also has a great resources page full of Fall/Autumn items on her website, The School Supply Addict. Click the button below to go to her Fall page. If you haven’t been to her site before, beware… you will spend hours there! She has organized so many fabulous resources for you!

Last, but not least, go link up with Christine at The Crazy Pre-K Classroom, to share your Fall Freebies!

Happy, snappy Fall to you all!

Corny… I know…

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  • Congratulations on reaching 500 followers!!!! That's AMAZING! 🙂 Thanks for the freebie. I do love so many things about fall, however…. I do not like that chill in the air! It was only 38 degrees here this morning. brrrrrr…….