Finally DONE! & Word Wall Cards

August 8, 2012

I have finally finished all that I can before I leave tomorrow for my much needed VAY-CAY-SHUN!

The before picture:

My teeny classroom looking all dark and dingy!

And after…

In all its glory:

  A couple different views!

My focus wall!

Marvelous Math!
I’m going to try out having 8 different math tubs and see how it goes this year.
I still need to buy 3 more tubs, but I figure I will rotate them in and out with different themed math games and skills.
Who else does this and how do you like it?!?

My labels for my class library.
I’m only starting year 3 as a teacher so I don’t have THAT many books yet!
C’mon Scholastic Book Club!

Daily 5 board, thanks to Lindsey @ The Teacher Wife!

My area – completely blank… but I can work on that right when I get home from vacation. At least it’s clean!

I also finished my First Week Fun! packet that I plan to do with my kids that first week of school.
Some highlights from the pack:

 Lots of easy-to-use printables to help students get familiar with the classroom and their new classmates!

We also read My Mouth is a Volcano at the beginning of the year and I made this little craft to go with the book!

Last but not least, my friend asked me to make her this printable word wall set for her classroom and it is now up on TPT!
  •  Alphabet headers
  •  Dolch sight words (pre-primer, primer, and grade 1)
  • 4 different *no-prep* word wall activities for your students

[click on the image to see a closer view]
Now, I am off to pack!!!
{Wedding dress shopping in T-minus 6 days, ahhhhhh!}

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  • Your kids will love their new room! Nice job! How do you like using your chair pockets? Where did you buy those from? They look so nice and tidy…I'm seriously considering. 🙂

    • I LOVE my pockets! Mine are denim Aussie Pouches ( I was given a class set as a gift, so I was REALLY lucky because they are like 15-20$ a piece. But mine are also really old, so I have been buying 1 or 2 a month to start replacing them 🙂

      They are super tidy and I hateeee desks lol

  • Super cute!!!! When you get back I will hopefully have posted some classroom pics. I still have desks, BOO! I wanted tables this year…. but that's the way it fell.

    I LOVED trying on dresses. Felt like a princess 9 years ago in two days!!!!! : ) Enjoy every minute because that, like everything else in life goes soooooo fast!

  • Your room looks great! I always did Math tubs in kindergarten, I had a mixed group of JK and SK kids so my kids always worked in partners, chosen by me. I had enough bins for every partner to have their own. All bins were activities or games, no worksheets. I typically started with sorting activities for all the bins, then introduced my other strands one at a time. Once all my strands were covered I set up the bins with themed multi strand activities. For example winter themed bins had counting snowflakes, ordering snowman number cards, graphing winter sport pics with a dice, etc. My students loved them! Good luck!

    • I love this! Thank you Amanda, I think when I et back I will buy a few more tubs so I can always have enough for all the pairs. I'm excited to try it out!

  • Did you make your alphabet cards and book bin labels? I can't find them on your tpt sight What pack is it in?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi!
    I am based in Australia, and when I look at all of these sites about room organisation, I am instantly jealous about the sizes of your classrooms over there, so I was SOOOOOO PLEASED to see that you've worked with a small space in such an AMAZING WAY!

    I would like to ask… Your 'Wall of Wow' do you use that to showcase any work of students that is out standing?

    Jem 🙂