First Grade Grammar Activities & Printables

July 23, 2015

There are so many first grade common core language and grammar standards. How do you teach them in your classroom? I shared some of my favorite activities and lessons!


When do you teach the grammar and language standards in your classroom??


Nouns, determiners, comma usage, prepositions…


Ya know… allllllllllll of THESE!


Some can be easily embedded into your reading or writing block, while others I try to find the time to do whole lessons on!


Even with an extended day (730-330), I can have a hard time fitting ALL these standards in my first grade classroom. I have been finding that that the best time for me to teach these is…. wherever it fits! That probably isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but I have found that it works best in room 102.


I can say that when I taught in Las Vegas, I had a 20 minute block to fit these standards in each day and that was fine and dandy, but I would have rather had more time to expand writer’s workshop or reader’s workshop. I felt like I didn’t have enough time to delve deeper into the main subject areas, so I have found that teaching these skills in small groups allows me to personalize the instruction and teach only what my students needed to be taught.


Once I figured out when I wanted to teach these skills, I needed tools to teach them. A little over a year ago I went through each and every first grade Common Core language standard and created anchor charts, activities and printables for them all!


Here are some of the activities included:
 Roll, Spell, and Cover:
I have this game for short vowels, long vowels, and digraphs!


Multiple meaning triangles:
Students match up the multiple meanings of a word to create a triangle.


Students practice vocabulary sorting by determining which category each noun belongs in.


Connect em:
Students make sentences using the conjunctions.


 Inflectional endings flip books:
Students practice reading words with inflectional endings and writing sentences with them.


 List it:
Students pull a card and write a sentence with a list of 3 or more things and correctly add the commas to the sentence.


 Puppy prepositions:
Students practice their prepositions by completing this mini-book and saying where the puppy is on each page.


 Root word, prefix, and suffix anchor charts!


There are TONS of activities and printables





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If you need any activities to teach these standards, you can grab them all in my bundle below:

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  • You have some great activities! Just a quick note about the noun sorting activity – colors are not nouns. They are adjectives.

    • Hi Ivy! That activity isn’t about nouns specifically, but instead about sorting vocabulary into different categories!