Free 3D Shape Activity: Mystery Bags

February 25, 2019

I love teaching all about 2D and 3D shapes in the classroom. It is a unit of study that my first graders always seemed to just “get.” It was tactile and to the point.

 I am always on the hunt for fun and new shape activities, so I thought I would share one of my favorite 3D shape activities: Mystery Bags! I should note that this type of activity is one I would use after I’ve already taught the attributes of each 3D shape.


You can see how to play below and while you’re watching the video, you can also grab the FREE recording sheet so you can play in your classroom right away. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and click the bell so you are notified of all my new videos!


These types of hands on math activities are what I include in my 2D and 3D shape unit which you can see below:


Also if you are looking for the actual 3D shapes I use for this activity, I linked them below for you:

*please note: this is an Amazon affiliate link meaning if you decide to purchase through it, a very small portion gets kicked back to me*


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This hands on 3D shape activity is one of my favorites to play in first and second grade after students have learned all about the attributes of these solid shapes. Head on over to the post to learn how to play and grab the FREE recording sheet!

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  • Hi Susan,
    Love the 3D mystery game. I’ve watched the video twice. Can’t find link to recording sheet.
    I’ve signrd up to follow you on Instagram. Don’t want to sign up on YouTube.

    • Hi Karima! The link to the recording sheet is in the video description for you. You don’t have to subscribe to get it!