Free CVC Phonics Game!

September 8, 2019

After a couple of weeks in school, my first-grade students would start reviewing CVC words. We would blend them, segment them, and spell them. This hands-on game is great for students to practice segmenting and spelling different short vowel, CVC words.


To see how to play this FREE CVC phonics game, just watch my YouTube video below and grab your free game cards:

If you don’t see the link the in the description of the video, be sure to open the video over on YouTube and click the down arrow next to the title of my video. That will expand the description for you.

You can also find the free game cards by clicking here: Free CVC Phonics Game


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Pin to remember:

This fun and FREE phonics game is perfect for segmenting short vowel, CVC words! This hands on activity is made for kindergarten, first and second grade students. Head over to the blog post to see how to play and grab your free game cards!

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