Gifts for Kids ages 4-8 (2020)

December 3, 2020

Need some gift ideas for kids ages 4- 8?! I am sharing some of the top presents and educational gift ideas that my own two boys are loving this year in 2020!

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To read about each of my favorite gifts this year, just keep scrolling! Links to each of the gifts are available when you click the picture! Please note: some are Amazon affiliate links.


Gift 1: Who Would Win books:

If you have kids that LOVE to read nonfiction topics, these books are amazing! Each of the books pairs up two animals, insects, or dinosaurs and compares the two while teaching different facts about each one. At the end of the book, the animals are paired up for a fight and we see who would win! I love that there are so many different books in this series and my son’s favorite ones are the “ultimate rumble” versions where they start with 16 different animals and they do a battle royale to see who comes out victorious at the end! They are easy to read and feature facts about animals on each page. Just click the image above to see more (I believe that link takes to a big set, but you can also type in “who would win” and grab a few to see if your kid(s) like them first!)


Gift 2: Map Wall hanging:

This was a HAPPY surprise! We needed something big and relatively inexpensive to hang above my son, Calvin’s bed because he has a low-profile bed and this map is just *perfect.* He stares at this thing all day long and loves pointing out the different continents and the oceans! It’s pretty big (60×40) so you have to have a wall for it, but if you need something for your kids’ playroom or bedroom, we couldn’t be happier.


Gift 3: Little Experimenter Telescope

My sons love using this telescope from Little Experimenter to look out into our backyard and talk all about what they see. What’s great about this telescope is that it is also a projector and comes with different discs and a guide so you can project different planets and stars on your ceilings and learn some facts about them as well! You can see an example of the projector in use in the video above!



Gift 4: Legos (the new Super Mario ones if you have a Mario fan)!

My two sons (ages 4.5 and 6) are still wellllll into the Lego phase and honestly, I love it! Playing Legos is one of the activities they can do quietly and independently for the longest stretches of time! They’ll be receiving a few Lego sets this Christmas, but the one that takes the cake are these new Super Mario Legos. They are a game changer! Your kids can create different levels for Mario to go through, and it’s interactive so you can hook it up to a device and add new levels as you get more. It even makes sounds when Mario gets a coin, goes down a tube, or finishes the level your child makes! I say this in the video, but you do need to purchase the starter kit first (shown above) and then you can add on with other levels. Don’t worry though, with the starter kit alone, your child can make endless “levels” for Mario to go through, and he even makes his iconic jumping noises!

In the name of all things LEGOs, my kids also love using these Build It books to build all sorts of fun Lego creations. There are a bunch of different versions and my boys spend HOURS reading these books and following the instructions to create different buildings, robots, animals… you name it!


Gift 5: Sleeping Queens

We LOVE playing games in our family. If you are looking for a quick and easy card game to play over and over, Sleeping Queens is it! This is a fast-paced game and I especially love it because there is a math aspect to the game. As you play, you are constantly looking to turn in cards and get more (to hopefully awaken one of the queens). In order to turn in cards, you need to have a pair to turn in 2 cards or you can make an addition equation (7,3.10) and you could turn in three cards to get new ones! My 4-year-old doesn’t use the addition option much, but my 6-year-old loves finding new addition equations!


Gift 6: Treasure Hunt

Last but not least, I have another board game. It says ages 6+, but this is my 4 year old’s favorite game… and we play this over and over. Treasure Hunt is a cooperative game and the goal is to find all the treasure before the pirate catches the hunters! I got this one at Target for a family trip this past fall and I am so happy we added it to our collection!


What other gifts are you loving for young kids this holiday season?! Let me know in the comments!


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