How to writing in 1st grade: a week of lessons!

May 2, 2020

How to writing is such a fun one to do in first grade (and kindergarten and 2nd grade) because most 5-7 year olds I know LOVE to teach you how to do things. I really like to express to my students that we all know how to do something that we can teach others!

I know so many parents and teachers are currently doing distance learning and I wanted to help out by providing some lessons directly to students. Last month, I did a personal narrative series where we walked through how to write our own narrative booklets. You can see that here: personal narratives writing.

Since making that series, I have received so many adorable writing samples from kids all over the country! I absolutely love seeing the writing you’ve been doing!

To continue my YouTube series, Learn at Home with Mrs. Jones, I wanted to add a new writing series where we focus on How-To writing.

How to writing: 5 part mini-series

Withing this 5 video playlist, I included a video for brainstorming, planning, adding illustrations, adding words, editing, and publishing! We essentially walk through the entire writing process in a shortened, easy-to-follow way!

These videos and lessons were made for teachers to be able to send home directly to their K-2 students and/or for parents to be able to complete the steps on their own time.


Here is a peek at each video:

In this video, we brainstorm ideas of things we know how to do in different categories (things we know how to do at school, at home, in the kitchen, etc.) and choose a topic to write about!


Once we have chosen our topic, we will plan out our writing with a say and sketch planning sheet! This process allows us to get our ideas on paper through quick sketches before we add any writing to our work.


After sketching our ideas, we focus on stretching our illustrations across the pages. This is where we will add details to our illustrations like labels, arrows, and more!


Time to add our words. We will walk through how to “read” our illustrations first, then write down our steps in order!


Last, but not least, we will walk through an editing checklist to make sure our work is ready to publish before sharing it with the world!


You can click each video individually above to watch on YouTube and that’s where you can grab all the free sheets that come with each video. You can also see the whole playlist in order here:



Want to take your students from scribbles and sketches to writing published stories?!
I have a free 4-part video series you can watch here. Just click below to get the info!




Pin to save and remember for later:

 I love these free how to writing lessons for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade! Head over to the blog post to watch kid-friendly lessons for each step of the how to writing process and grab tons of free templates to go along with the writing!

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  • I’d like ideas on starting 1st graders how to write even though they don’t have the words (spelling) down. This will be my first time as a 1st-grade teacher

  • Hi, I love your videos! I looked for the link for the how to paper in the description, but I can’t find it. Any ideas where to find it? Thank you!

    • You have to go to YouTube and locate her videos and in the video description she has clickable links to download the worksheets.

    • You have to go to YouTube and locate her videos and in the video description she has clickable links to download the worksheets.

  • Writing is a subject that I often find myself wanting to learn more about, especially when considering how I can best support my students at such different levels of the writing process. These activities allow for student choice and meet all learners where they are at. Thank you for sharing!