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May 15, 2013

Sick yesterday.
School today.
Off-campus meeting all day tomorrow.
School Thursday.
Doctor’s appointments & Flying home for the weekend on Friday.
That means only 2 days of school this week for me – ahhh! These types of weeks are stressful for me and it is even more stressful seeing as my kids are already off-the-walls CRAZY and ready for summer!
Thankfully, some of my blogging buddies have helped me out big time with their products!
Here are few snapshots of our day (which we will be repeating on Thursday!)
We always start our day with Kelley‘s Good Morning Work! These math and reading pages are a HUGE help with my kids to keep reviewing the skills we may not have gone over recently!
In reading, we used Teeny Tiny‘s Partner Plays!
 I seriously love reader’s theater and so do my kids. Teeny’s partner plays are just perfect for students to practice reading with expression! My kids thought these were pretty darn funny and I took plenty of videos to show to parents! Unfortunately most of my pics have my kids faces… so just imagine 22 adorable 6 year olds reading and acting out their plays with EXPRESSION!
Next up – math! My students have been needing some major practice and review with graphing, so I pulled out a pack I have had for awhile that I love. Sandra‘s weekly graphs! She has a survey question for each week with common core aligned questions to go with each one.
 These were the perfect review for those pesky “How many more…” questions!
Lastly, in writing we used Lori‘s interview pack! I thought this would be such a fun way to get my students talking (nicely) to one another and to work on our listening skills!! I paired up my students and told them that they would become news reporters for the afternoon and their job would be to interview their celebrity classmate. I passed out a bunch of interview questions to each pair and my kids got to interviewin’! They wrote down all their “reporter notes” in their writing journal and Thursday afternoon they are going to write their report to share with the class. They thought this was SO cool and they loved being both the celebrity classmate and the reporter. Win-win.
 ^^This little guy is using his pencil as a microphone while conducting his interview – ha!^
Sometimes my brain is fried and when this happens, I am grateful that I have some genius blogging buddies that can save me!! If you happen to find that your brain isn’t working anymore with only a few weeks left, check out any of the packs above and I promise they’ll be worth the money!
Before I go wanted to share that I hit some major milestones on the bloggy-blog this past weekend and I have a big-ole giveaway in the works! Make sure to check back on Saturday for some giveaway goodies!! They won’t disappoint!
Happy rest of the week!

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  • Yay for 1000 followers!!!!
    I'm so glad your kids loved the plays!!! I've got to do Lori's Interview a Friend pack now!!!! It looks like so much fun – love the pencil as a microphone! 🙂
    Thank you for the shout out!