Is this real life?!? Vegas Blogger Meet Up!

July 12, 2012

Tuesday night was the Vegas Blogger Meet Up and let me tell you.. it was SO much fun!!
I went a little early and met up with the amazing Kelley & Stephanie so we could meet each other for the first time and talk about how nervous we were to meet all the bloggers we look up to!!
{Kelley, Stephanie, & Me!}
It’s funny when you think you know someone through a blog…. and you even call them your friend…and then you meet them in person.. and they are EXACTLY what you thought they’d be like!

Well thank goodness that happened with just about everyone there! It is funny how much you learn from someone just by reading their posts.

The BIG guns!
{Back Row, Left-Right}:
{Front Row, Left-Right}:
Fran’s ear, Melissa, Michelle Oakes, Hope King, Kim Adsit, Kathleen Pederson, Crystal
Anna Brantley, Cheryl Saoud

These ladies were AMAZING!! They were so sweet and humble and down-to-earth… while the rest of us were sweatin’ just getting up the nerve to go introduce ourselves. Well… I was at least!

I am sure you follow all of them already… but if not just click their name and follow! Their blogs are seriously inspirational and many of them are the very reason I blog now!

Some highlights:
– When we walked in we were greeted by some of the big guns and Michelle Oakes recognized me… ME! Can you believe it?! I couldn’t! She knew I was getting married soon. I was so happy!
Rachelle was the MC for the night and she is hilarious!!
– I spoke with Cheryl from Primary Graffiti for a bit and she was giving some tips on Donor’s Choose and how to get set up! Something I must, must, must do!
Deedee Wills was so sweet and funny! She was talking up the Silhouette CAMEO that all the bloggers have now.. sounds amazing, now I just need $250… although she did mention something about a big ole’ giveaway involving the CAMEO soon… (Shhhh!)

We also won prizes!!

Me cheezin’ because I won this awesome Steve Harpster book!

This book is so cool and perfect for my low students who are still working on number identification at the beginning of the year. What a fun way to do it! Each page has a number (1-20) and a step-by-step drawing tutorial to make a cute sea animal!

Here is an example page:

The number 10 and you can turn it into a super cute sea turtle!
He has some other books too {here} including one where you can make letters into monsters! Caaahute!

I should’ve taken more pictures but I was way too busy chatting and staring.
Check out Kelley and Stephanie’s blogs as I am sure they have more pics!

Sour Apple Studio       Falling into First

 One last thing… I was about to do some laundry when BOOM! look who I found… in my dryer.

This is my cat, Jarvis. A few things about him:
-He has a huge, flamboyant tail
-We call him “The Ruiner” because… well… he ruins everything
-He is gay (note the flamboyant tail above)
-We love every inch of this little rascal!

Until next time!

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    • I am originally from back east so an east coast meet up would just give me another reason to visit home annnddd meet more awesome bloggers!! I'm in!

  • Hi Sweet Friend! Love your post. I was nervous to meet everyone too but had a blast. Your kitty is so cute…glad he didn't go for a tumble. I'm eager to follow along as you plan your wedding and prepare your DC project! (((HUGS)))


  • I'm so excited! You all have faces….lol! Thanks Susan, for letting me in on your blog. I LOVE seeing my friends 🙂 I'm so glad you all had such a good time.