Letter Names and Sounds – Free Games!

September 20, 2017

After some baseline testing, my Kindergarten students are now grouped into three major categories:

(1)   Letter name identification (uppercase)

(2)   Letter name identification (lowercase)

(3)   Letter sounds


In my small groups, I wanted to create some interactive games that would allow students to see their letters over and over and over and practice, seeing them, naming them and saying the sound (if applicable in their group). The teachers at my school use Fundations, so I used that letter order when creating the games. We started with T, F, and B. I thought I would make this week’s games free for you in case you have some students that are working on T, F, and B as well!


Before my students play the game I quickly review the 3 letters we are learning (in uppercase and lowercase). We talk about the way the letters are formed and how they uppercase letter and lowercase letter look different. Then I introduce the game and guide as needed. The games are all the same format so students know how to play them. They just spin the paperclip and land on a letter. They must say the letter aloud and find the match in the grid. They will cover it with a counter and try to get 5 in a row! I like this game because students can play with a partner or individually.


All the games come in black and white as well. For those, I have students choose a color for each of the spinner wedges. When they land on a letter, they will color the match the same color. That way I can quickly see if they are getting it correct or not.


Letter Names – Uppercase

Students simply spin and say the letter they landed on. They then find the match and cover until they get 5 in a row!


Letter Name – Lowercase

This version is the same as above, but students find the matching lowercase letter.


Letter Sounds

Lastly, there is the initial sound version. Students will spin a letter, say its name and sound. Then find an image that begins with that sound.

To grab the color and B&W versions of this game, just click the image below and download the preview:

*Please note, the FREE games are only for the letters T, F, & B*


If you are looking for more phonics games, check out my Print & Play Phonics Games HERE (and download a free one in the preview!):

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I am always on the lookout for fun, new games and activities to teach my young students the letter names and sounds. Head on over to the blog post to try a free sample of the activities! These games are perfect for kindergarten and early first grade.

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